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Booth ideas

Booth ideas

Mar 19th 2018

Booth ideas

If you are looking for a great money making fair booth idea try a fairy or princess dress up booth.  This booth idea is it.  Make tons of cash and smiling little faces at the same time.  Let's face it every girl likes to dress up.  I've successfully ran these booths at carnivals, festivals, craft shows, street dances, parades, school carnivals, art in the park, flea markets, 4th of July celebrations and so much more.  

Fill the booth with halos, wands, tutus, butterfly and fairy wings, princess tiaras, jewelry and more.  A few novelties go well to, but everybody carries those.  These kids items will help you stand out.

Being seen is one of the most important factors in sales during any show.  These ribbon halo walls shake and shimmer with every color under the sun.  This booth is sure to attract attention.

Creating a line makes for sure sales.  I was booth vendor for years under a company called Halo Heaven.  We would do face painting in order to create lines.  Sure you might only get a couple of bucks per face, but usually they will leave all decked out in princess gear.  

If you get a fussy kid in a stroller just hand them a princess ribbon wand.  Within seconds they are happy and you made an easily couple of bucks.

I was far less artistic so I would apply fake tattoos.  You would be surprised how much money you can make off of the fake tattoos.  The bigger tattoos you could buy for like $.50 and apply for $5.  

The halos easily sell for $3-$5 each.  A perfect fundraiser for your charity or church event.  Make sure to get some in the local high school or college colors for sporting events.