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Ribbon Halos

Our halos are called a lot of different things, ribbon crowns, streamer headbands, fairy halos, curling ribbon crowns and ribbon tiaras.  No matter what you call them ours are the best.  All of our princess ribbon halos are made fresh and slightly curly for you and come with 64 strings.  Far superior to import halos that have very few strings and come in to you crimped and smashed.  These are the fullest halos that you will find anywhere online.  

The head piece or head band is made from foil wire garland and comes in hearts or stars.  The streamers are made from curling ribbon.

We sell them at the cheap wholesale price of just $1.50 each.  They easily resale for $4-$7.  That is massive profits right to your pocket.  They are great resale items at fairs, craft shows, flea markets, carnivals, football and basketball games or online.

They have many uses and pair well with our tutus, wings and wands for the perfect fairy or princess costume or outfit.  Our halos make the perfect gift and will have your little princess or fairy dancing, twirling and smiling all day long.

A great fundraising item as we will custom make them in your school team colors or favorite charity colors.  Perfect for charity walks and other fundraising events.

The wire garland can be adjusted to fit smaller heads simply by twisting on the back of the wire crown where the ribbons attach.  Try any of our great stock colors or choose custom halos to make our heavenly halos specifically for your event.  

Don't forget to match them with our ribbon wands.

  • Princess halos

    Princess ribbon halos by the dozen

    Our stock color princess ribbon halos are only $18 per dozen.  These are great for fairy or princess dress up, birthday parties, slumber parties, dance parties and more.  These come semi curly and ready to sell or use right out of the box...

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  • DIY halos

    Custom halos by the dozen

    Build a custom princess or fairy ribbon halo for your birthday party, dress up, costumes, sports team, fundraiser, charity walk, sleepovers, dances or to sell at fairs and flea markets etc.  Choose up to 4 different ribbon colors and your garland...

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