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Feather boas

Cheapest price online for chandelle and marabou feather boas.  Great for dress up costumes and fashion for kids and adults.  Made from real turkey feathers.

  • Marabou feather boas,  cheap marabou boas, wholesale marabou boas

    Marabou feather boas 6 ft.

    15 gram 2 yard marabou feather boas, made with real turkey feathers.  These are the perfect boas for making your own crafts.  Made with the down of the turkey to give a fur like look.  You will love our vibrant feather boa colors. ...

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  • Adult chandelle feather boas

    7 ft. Adult feather boas

    7 ft. 50 gram adult chandelle feather boas, made from real turkey feathers. At only $2 each these are the cheapest quality adult boas you will find anywhere.  Enjoy our low wholesale prices for everyone.  Great to resell or personal use. ...

  • Kids feather boas, cheap feather boas, wholesale feather boas and chandelle feather boas.

    42 inch Kids feather boas

    42 inch kids chandelle feather boas at cheap wholesale prices.  Made from real turkey feathers! These feather boas are perfect for little girl princess dress up costumes.  Goes perfect with our fairy wings, tiaras, halos, wands and our other...

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