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Fundraising ideas

Your source for team spirit, school spirit and cheer items, cancer walk support items, concession booth items, booster club fundraising items, cheer gear all at cheap wholesale prices.

Fundraisers are a very important when trying to come up with ways to bring in money. We have an easy and cheap fundraiser idea.  Whether it is for a  school event,  church bazaars, walkathons, 5k runs, raising money for mission trips or cancer awareness we have a way for you to accomplish all of that. 

When you believe in your cause show it by standing out.  Having a strong social media presence helps, now get the word out that you found a way to make money and have your charity or cause shine. 

Simply purchase halos in your charity or event colors, school team colors or whatever you need for a really low price of only $1.00 each.  Set up a table or booth with your custom adjustable halos and sell them for 5 times the cost.  In no time you have a profitable way to easily make money. 

Add to your halos our custom or stock color ribbon wands.  Our custom and stock color ribbon wands are only $6.00 per dozen.  You could easily sell them at the door to your event for a couple dollars each, in no time you are making a profit.  They are a real crowd pleaser.  Everyone and I do mean everyone loves to cheer on their team by waving wands.  Men, women, boys and girls love these. 

Fundraising is time consuming so why not make it simple and let us do the work for you.  You simply reap the rewards. All you have to do is:

1) Order 

2) Sell 

3) Collect money

4) Reorder 

We have a few different items that work for support or charity ideas.  Halos, wands, support ribbon earrings and much more all at cheap wholesale prices.  

It’s essential for people to come together in person to promote positive change.  Make yours stand out with custom items.  Everyone who really cares about their charity will love to see the unity and togetherness it promotes.  While raising awareness and much needed money for your cause. 

  • Relay for life awareness

    Relay for life halos and wands by the dz.

    Our relay for life awareness halos and wands are great for showing your support.  Perfect for fundraising for your relay for life charity event.  Our relay for life awareness items are great for interjecting a little fun as you fund raise for a...

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    Pink charity or awareness ribbon earrings

    Charity or awareness support ribbon earrings

    They are perfect for any organization that you support, fundraisers, charities, cancer awareness walks, support the troops, fundraisers, benefits and more. Support your local or national organization by showing you care when you wear these ribbon support...

    $1.00 $0.50
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  • Cheerleader fundraising ideas

    Team spirit halos by the dozen

    Custom made school spirit items in your football or basketball team colors.   Great fundraiser items for school sports teams, booster clubs, cheerleaders, pep rallys, concession stands ideas for your school at cheap wholesale pricing. Our team...

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  • School, football team , basketball team fundraising or spirit item

    Team spirit wands

    Our team spirit wands are perfect for showing your school pride.  Perfect for football games, basketball games, volley ball pep rallys, cheerleaders, booster clubs, dance squads, drill team and more.  These have been successfully sold at high...

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  • Heart walk fundraising items

    Heart walk halos and wands by the dz.

    Our heart walk halos and wands are great for showing your support for eliminating heart disease.  Perfect for fundraising for your charity event.  Our awareness items are great for interjecting a little fun as you fund raise for a cure and...

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